Fun Activities for the Elderly

Are you or an older loved one looking for ways to fill your days?

Staying socially, mentally, and physically active can help seniors maintain good mental and emotional health and reduce the risk of disease.

These 10 hobbies are perfect for seniors who like to keep busy and have fun.


1. Karaoke

Research shows singing can help with memory and orientation, especially in individuals with mild dementia.

If an outing to a karaoke bar seems a bit overwhelming, there are endless karaoke apps, games, and machines you can use at home. Karaoke is a great activity for all ages – perfect for visits with the grandkids!


2. Color by numbers

Coloring or painting by numbers is an easy way to get creative and bring a picture to life. This can be a relaxing pastime to enjoy with your morning coffee or while watching TV.

Online coloring is another option if you have a computer or tablet.


3. Memories scrapbook and family tree

Take a trip down memory lane and put your time and love into a project you and your family can cherish for years to come.

Better yet, get the family involved and work on a memories scrapbook and family tree together – a lovely way to reminisce on good times.


4. Swimming

Swimming is an ideal way for seniors to get their daily physical activity in. It’s great for heart health and it’s easy on the joints. Not to mention, it can be incredibly relaxing.

You can enjoy doing some laps at your own pace or join a local water aerobics class – a great way to meet new people.


5. Brain games

Crosswords, Sudoku puzzles, word search puzzles and other brain games can help keep your problem-solving skills sharp while promoting mindfulness.

These can be found in book stores, online, and department stores, or you can even play them online if you’d rather.


6. Video Games

You don’t have to be a tech genius to reap the benefits of gaming consoles. Nintendo Wii or Switch offer fun and easy games and activities that incorporate movement, making them a great way to do some exercise without leaving your home.

You can set these games to your current exercise level and increase them as you feel stronger if you’d like a challenge.


7. Gardening

Several studies over the years have shown the many benefits being outdoors has our mental health.

Gardening is a great way to get some sunshine and fresh air. If your home doesn’t allow for a garden, why not grow some plants or tomatoes in pots?


8. Model building

Looking for a hands-on hobby? Plastic and wooden models come in kits of all sizes and assembly levels to suit all ages and abilities.

From vintage vehicles to iconic architecture, there are endless model building kits to get your hands on. This could be another activity to work on.


9. Birdwatching

Another great way to get outdoors, birdwatching can be enjoyed in national parks, or here in Wauwatosa, WI.  At our senior living Wauwatosa, we have tons of trees in the area which means plenty of opportunities to see some cool birds up close.


10. Dance classes

Want to improve your strength and muscle function and have plenty of fun while doing it? Try some simple dance classes. It’s a great way to move, even if it’s just a little, and in will also improve your mood.

11. Office Cleaning

A great way to get some movement in, and make your space look great is to make sure it’s clean. Either clean your space yourself or you can look to hire an office cleaning service Milwaukee in order to make sure your office and commercial space shines.


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